Terms of use

These terms cover user submitted lsitings on Kent Index.

Kent Index listings are provided as is with no warranty either implied or inferred. You are responsible for ensuring that your listings are accurate, legal, and up to date.

By agreeing to these terms, you assert that your listing is not harmful in any way to any person, entity, or system. You also agree to be bound by any other terms of use found within the site.

You agree to allow us all necessary rights and permissions to store the data you provide us which we will endeavour to keep safe and secure.

You agree to receive emails relevant to your listing including but not limited to, renewal notices and updates. You will not be sent unsolicited offers from us but may receive responses from other users.

Listings may not incite, promote, or offer: Anything illegal, anything harmful to others, anything in any way unfairly discriminatory,  anything relating to violence or hate speech, or anything else we may deem unsuitable to a public listing. Listings that break these conditions may be removed without notice. Listings that are adult in nature, automated, inaccurate, or abusive may be removed without notice.

While we prefer to leave listings to your control if we feel it is necessary, we reserve the right to remove or change a listing at any time. Generally, we will only do this if there is a problem and taking such an action solves that problem for you or for us. We do not expect this to be something we do very often, if at all.

We reserve the right to vary or revoke parts of these terms of use at any time without notice.