Protect your privacy

Your privacy matters to us.

When posting on classified sites, it can sometimes be the case that information you would rather not share is nevertheless shared. This short guide is here to help you keep private what should be kept private.

Hiding your email address

When you create your account we ask for your email address. That’s so we can let you know when it is time to update your listing. It also enables us to let you know when someone has expressed an interest in your listing.

That email address you give us is never shared.

However, you have the option to add an email address to your listing. That email address is shared. If you would rather not spread your email details arround, leave that field blank. Remember, people can still get hold of you via the contact form.

We do not recommend adding an email address to public listings without a really good spam blocker in place.

Phone number privacy

If you are a business that takes bookings via the phone, then getting your number “out there” is a good thing. Make sure you give the number and maybe consider indicating in your lsiting description when you are available.

On the other hand, if you are a private individual you might want to consider if sharing your phone number is right for you. We cannot control who will call you or when. If you would rather keep your number hidden, simply leave the phone number field empty. People can still contact you via the contact form on your listing.

Your address

We recommend that businesses list their full address and postcode. However, it may be wise for private listings to provide only as much of your address as is necessary for the listing.

People can still get hold of you via the contact form. So check your inbox regularly.

Other personal details

A golden rule of the internet is that once a thing has been put online, it is no longer private. So only share information and images that you are comfortable being public.

We suggest that you do not use images that include your children, images that where personal information is visible, or where your address or other private details can clearly be identified.