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Thanet Community Radio bases its projects on Thanet issues.  For instance what happens when our older community fall into the isolation trap when they finally step into retirement or have been made redundant.

Isolation is a key issue.  Most older folk are walking Universities of life.  Their knowledge, in most cases, is an in-fathomable wealth of great store which can be used to help develop the younger generations.  A very useful commodity to be added to our local society here in Thanet., although still in its early stages of development, has the vision, and the passion, to take the elderly out of isolation as a full on project that will use individual skills and talents to benefit others.  Currently, we are negotiating funding and hope to bring you more news in the New Year.  Meanwhile, just as a point of interest, is providing community-based radio programmes 24/7.  There is a lot of music, and some chat shows as well.  We have a regular afternoon Story-line about to hit the airwaves.  Our Story channel is there to encourage budding writers to get their stories on the air.  Please email us for our guidelines and we will get the information to you ASAP.

Another aspect of community development we will be working on will be Media training, raising accredited CVs to help further develop the talents of the job seeker.  As well as developing training in other aspects of self-employment, including entrepreneurialism. TCR (as we like to affectionately call our radio) is looking for volunteers to make all it all happen, to which end, if you feel you have skills to pass on to others, and would like to become a member of this project, we would like to hear from you.  Long term we are looking to expand the project to cover catering skills and dog grooming courses just for a start.  Each of these courses alone offers a healthy income and lifestyle in self-employment.

Hear from you soon – Let’s get it off the ground.

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